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The chaos of everyday life

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the everyday routine here in Point Cook


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A Graduation with a twist of cool


When it comes to style, our dear Ika makes no prisoners. But with the chosen wardrobe for her graduation she went straight through the roof!

Who else would dare wearing a pair of 2268’s for such a formal event? Not to speak of the Bowler Hat and the Mister Freedom Blouse!

Bonuspic: Fabulous Ika in front of Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam


2268 completes my outfit as a real engineer! i feel honored, my sincere thanks to Red Wing!

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Jakarta Underexposed, 2006 - It is a story about life along the railway.

In July 2006 i came back to my hometown and visited one of the slum areas in Jakarta. It was very sad to witness this kind of life and at the same time it opened my eyes that my life was not about jeans and all those fancy things (the fact is that i even had not started wearing them at all). Back in the day while “kids” at my age were into drugs or crack, my addiction was street photography and i wanted to be a photojournalist. Apparently I was inspired by 2 well known war photographers;

"If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough" - Robert Capa

"There is a job to be done, to record the truth. I want to wake people up!" - James Nachtwey

This photo essay was also a proof that i overcame my fear towards racism. Despite the trauma of May 1998 Riots in Indonesia, being minority in my own country would not bring me down. Believe me these people were no different than me, we shared the same nation and we spoke the same language, the only thing that made us different was luck. Their lives were tough, they would do anything to survive in the big and packed city like Jakarta, even some did pickpocket for a living. There was a moment when i burst into tears and hid my face behind the camera but this experience made me appreciate life even more.

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Official Opening Tenue de Nîmes Haarlemmerstraat (Through The Glass).

It was such a pleasure to be at the official opening of Tenue de Nîmes new store located at Haarlemmerstraat 92-94, Amsterdam. This denim boutique has stepped up to the next level and blown everyone away. It also inspired me to make a little series of through the glass story. 

For more details, halloffade did select and publish some of my pictures on their site or you can check my facebook out for the complete set, enjoy!

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